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Ningxia Lavender Manor "Set Sail" Adventure Park

May 12 , 2023

01 Project Overview

This project adheres to the story line of "spiritual fortress between sailors and pirates" and lays out characteristic products in each area. It is divided into five areas: sailor training area, explore the challenge area, battle adventure area, guardian home area, and triumph zone.

02 Design Concept

Inspired by the protection of ocean homes, the project is combined with the story of the Seagull Rescue Team to create an adventure park integrating immersive IP experience, leisure sports, parent-child theme games, educational practice, and outdoor development.

03 Project Design Partition

The five areas are connected to form a play line that can be played repeatedly. Different functional areas and different divisions of difficulty also increase the playability and interest of the project. Seven cultural story lines also make the whole project Planning is more hierarchical.

Sailor Training Area

     Chapter 1 Assembly  

Rope net climbing, bouncing training cloud, physical training center and other challenging equipment, the little sailors enter the space by finding different paths, crawling, shuttle, satisfying children's curiosity and desire to explore. Large-scale rope climbing games, exercise team competition, balance and coordination of limbs of young sailors.

This area includes sailor rope net climbing net, sailor climbing pole, sailor jumping training cloud, sailor stump challenge, sailor equipment room, sailor physical training center (column swing), sailor grab bar training point (stump swing) and other items .

Explore the challenge area

     Chapter 2 Set Sail   

Inspired by marine elements and adopting various marine themed elements, it is committed to creating a gathering place for marine training science popularization, introducing various interactive sketches of marine knowledge points, combined with physical competition obstacle courses, to create a smart growth interactive space with multi-scenario experience for young sailors .

     Chapter 3 Clues

The captain "Obili" led the sailor "Olige" to find the footprints left at the scene in the air adventure camp. The pirate clan "Ou Maiga" stole the key and was about to escape!

This area includes physical competition obstacle course (Spartan primary competition), physical competition command center, supply station, bounce, air adventure camp, adventure slide and other projects.

Triumph Zone

     Chapter 4 Lost

This area makes the space into a play scene with interactive participation and interesting exploration, so that children can grow up in play, think in interaction, feel the charm of space in exploration, and build a fun and interactive interactive environment that complements and integrates each other. event space.

     Chapter 5 Supplies 

Hidden here is a collection of fun water games.

This area includes children's ziplines, exploring confused tunnels, Sahuan Slope, water supply area (Archimedes water fetcher), children's slides, happy climbing ladders, sailing kayaks and other projects.

Battle Adventure Area

     Chapter 6 Decisive Battle

The "Set Sail" adventure ship is based on marine culture as a whole. It has a diameter of 7.8m and a height of 26m (18m including the boat). Experience pleasant tours and legendary adventures during the tour, and appreciate the unique charm.

Guardian Home Area

     Chapter 7 Guardian

This area includes projects such as the feeding net track (squirrel track), Rabbit Le House (pet paradise), Hobbit Town and so on.

Design Summary

Kira Group creates a new cultural and tourism scene with rich content through the unpowered park, giving full play to the advantages of equipment. Keep pace with the times, keep up with the trend of "Internet +" and science and technology, give full play to its own characteristics of "inclusiveness and integration", and earnestly fulfill the requirements of life-oriented, situational and experiential design, so as to empower the diversified cultural and tourism industry . For the normalized operation after construction, it provides innovative, dynamic, sustainable and transformable consumption functions.

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